No Dutch No Glory was asked to create an introduction film that would evoke an emotion and interest possible investors in the concept of Bluenote.

#sharing our solutions #not our carbon footprint.


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Buildings are the largest single contributor to climate change because of the energy they consume, emitting about 33% of the world’s climate change greenhouse gasses.

Luckily, every building can reduce the amount of energy it uses through smart management, data mining, and by installing advanced energy technologies. These improvements can even make the building more valuable because they make the building more profitable.

Bluenote will buy buildings and launch
an open data platform to show exactly how a decrease in energy use, leads
to decreased emissions, more valuable buildings, and the path to a zero emission world.

  • Client : Bluenote
  • Concept: Jiro Bosma
  • Narrative: Guy-Georges Trigallez
  • Productie : No Dutch No Glory
  • Director: Frank van Rooijen
  • D.O.P. : Jiro Bosma
  • Camera: Ruben Duipmans